Surya natural cosmetics - best quality


Regarding our service and our products, we guarantee real quality at fair costs. Read and value yourself:

  • Our products are made according to rhythmic, biodynamic and so anthroposophic aspects.
  • Water and Alcohol are not contained in our creams.
  • We fundamentally refuse the usage of any chemical or synthetic additives.
  • The ph-value (acid-base-indicator) of our products is truly neutral.
  • We do not even use chemically treated natural ingredients as these. All our ingredients are of purely organic quality and considered even safe in the use for food.
  • We can recommend our products to any skin type even if very sensitive..
  • Our packaging is ecologically friendly. We use either opal or Miron-violet glass on a deposit base.
  • As a matter of principle, we do not use any standardized raw materials. Thus smell, colour and consistency may very from product to product. This presents not a lack of quality, but a proof for consequent usage of natural raw material.
  • All ingredients are stirred by hand and energized in a specific  harmonizing manner.
  • We are against animal testing! As we use organic food products, animal testing is not needed. All suppliers guarantee animal-testing-free products and this is controlled by the Deutscher Tierschutzbund (German animal protection organization) which is published in a constantly updated list.
  • All ingredients are fully declared!
  • We do not use any stabilizers. Thus creams may disintegrate, but may easily be remixed by simply shaking the product. Should a cream become stiff due to coldness, the simple warming up in a water bath will bring it back to the liquid condition.