Surya natural cosmetics - our philosophy

YOU are the focus of our attention! We offer you comprehensive holistic nutritional advice, gentle massages to re-balance your energy flow, holistic Ayurvedic and biodynamic cosmetic treatments as well as detoxicating and purifying baths and whole body wraps (algae = sea weed).

To be aware and self-confident about one’s skin

Surya natural cosmetics Berlin pursues cosmetics in its very own form. Skin - independent of its condition - is to be harmonized. In this process, especially holistic medical approaches such of Chinese, Ayurvedic and anthroposophic origin come to play. Our aim is to help to achieve a state for you that leaves you aware and self- confident of your skin!




Healing treatments

Bioenergetic healing massage

Healing over the soul. Over twenty years of experience with all types of health disorders (even in serious illnesses) give you peace of mind.

Spiritual healing

Spiritual Healing works on the vibration level, the 99%. This level is about activating the self-healing powers. This can be done by energetic support, while the body cells life energy supplied, so that the life force and physical defense comes back into flux.

Energetic cleaning

Energetic cleaning and recharging the energy fields of homes, houses, businesses, offices and land so that they radiate again warmth, harmony and security, thereby promoting success, our health and our inner balance.