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Since 1998 SURYA Naturkosmetik und Heilpraxis offers its customers various massages. From simple back massage to energetic massage.

Here you can find an introduction to all our treatments offered to you as our customer. Choose from the following offers.


Descriptions of all healing treatments, massages and terms related to energy work can be found in the SURYA Natural Cosmetics and Healing Practice Glossary.



Holistic natural cosmetics

Wellness day and natural cosmetics treatments, e.g. Ayurveda


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Information and advice, e.g. nutritional consultation

Massages and energy work

Massage - The touch of the soul

Massage fulfills a basic human need to be touched and touched. And yet we touch each other less and less often in everyday life. Hardly anyone still gives a hand to welcome, hugs the other one goodbye. Many people come to SURYA Naturkosmetik and Heilpraxis to simply switch off, recharge their batteries or let themselves be pampered. More and more people come to us because conventional conventional medicine can no longer help them, or they are disappointed by the previous therapies. Most then float out here as if they were in another world. We at SURYA Naturkosmetik und Heilpraxis have specialized in the true healing of skin and soul. Who wants to understand his skin as a mirror of his soul, can find here on the path of the outer to the inner healing, because real healing comes from within. Through bioenergetic massages, which have their origins in ancient Tibetan medicine, it succeeds in recognizing energy blockades, looking at them, understanding them and then dissolving them. The goal is to get the energy flow in the body going again and to reach the full potential. So that one feels well again in his skin. No individual symptoms are treated, but always holistically the whole body with all energy fields. Daily massaging is like meditation for us and we see our work as a true vocation.